A Very Juliet Story

Well, good morning everyone. I was looking through some stories written when I was still in school, and I came across this one. Technically it’s a Fan Fiction, but in English Lit it’s called “an assignment”.    -.-

Anyway, this is from Romeo and Juliet, one of Shakespeare’s most famous works. This story is my take on Act IV, Scene III – what would have been going on in Juliet’s head?

As always, enjoy, and tell me what you think!

Location: The house of the Capulets
Time: 1930 hours

A single tear rolled down her cheek, splashing onto the floor below.

The young girl was sitting on her bed, face buried in her hands. Her eyes brimmed with tears, threatening to spill over. Her head, pounding with anger and grief, was filled with thoughts of despair. She could see no way out of her dilemma.

She glanced down at a finger on her hand; on it was a single gold band. A ring.

Her wedding ring.

Two days ago was the happiest day of her life – her wedding to the love of her life. She did not care that her family and his family were bitter enemies; all she cared about was him. So, she had sneaked out in the early morning to meet her sweetheart at the church, and before the Friar, they had wed. They had promised to be forever faithful to each other, to love each other for eternity.

And then they had wed.

It was the happiest day of her life.

Fortune, however, never smiles upon a person for long. Bad things always came in threes, and this time, it was an omen. Her husband killed her cousin Benvolio in a rage, after Benvolio killed her husband’s best friend. She had loved Benvolio dearly, and this came as a great shock to her. But what was even worse was that the murder had broken the already-unstable peace, and her husband was now banished, never to return.

She could not bear to never see her husband again. That, coupled with the death of her cousin, nearly broke her.

Then her father finished the job for her. Not knowing that his daughter had married the son of his sworn enemy, he ordered her to marry her other relative, Paris. It was a loveless marriage, one of convenience. And it was to be held tomorrow.

Her choice was either marriage or death. But Capulet did not realise that marriage to anyone but her husband was like death to her.

Now, she had only hours left to find an escape to her husband. Thankfully, the Friar had come up with a cunning plan: All she had to do was drink a potion that simulated the symptoms of death. When her people put her in the family crypt, thinking she was dead, her husband would sneak back in the dead of the night and fetch her. Together, they would flee the city and start a new life elsewhere.

They would be together, forever.

But she was afraid.

The girl was afraid of death, of either a physical death or an emotional death through a loveless marriage. She was afraid of her parents, and what they would do if they found out. And above all, she was afraid of never waking up again.

Was it worth it?, she asked herself.

She gazed at her wedding ring once again, her tears flowing freely now.

Yes, it was.

Steeling her resolve, she unstoppered the vial and quaffed the contents. She gasped at the acrid taste, and threw the empty vial away. Soon, she lay on the bed, to sick to move.

She only had one last coherent thought before the darkness overwhelmed her.

Romeo, Romeo……I come.


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    • Jessica Thiele
    • February 20th, 2010

    Oh oh I remember this story!

    I give it 2 thumbs up out of 5 =]

    • 2 from 5? 😦 I feel rejected!
      Nah, just kidding. Glad that you left a comment, Jess…

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