Double Cross – An Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Fiction (Prologue: Part 2)

For all who care and those who don’t, this is the 2nd part of the prologue of “Double Cross”, an Avatar Fan Fiction I wrote a while ago. You can find the 1st part here (Double Cross – An Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Fiction).

Without further ado, here we go!


Location: A small Earth Kingdom village
Time: 1900 hours (6 hours earlier)

The rain drizzled down softly and slowly. It was a cool evening. A single villager strolled down an alley, his manner nonchalant. He was the perfect image of a hardworking farmer coming home for the night. Anyone would swear he was totally unsuspicious. Another person among hundreds. He seemed to be making for a little hut, situated in the middle of the village. Again, another ordinary hut in an ordinary street. Perfectly normal.

Once there, however, he knocked thrice, paused, and then knocked again. A slide in the door opened and a whispered conversation seemed to take place. Then a yellow envelope, with a red streak on it, was passed through the slide. The villager picked it up, glanced around furtively, and casually strolled away, his manner once again ordinary.

Up on a nearby hill, two figures could be seen half-hiding in nearby bushes. A telescope was put to the eye of one of them, and he did not look happy. The other was sitting on a grass mat, holding up an umbrella, and watching the scene below with a satisfied smile on his face.

The first figure spoke.

“Uncle, we are too late. The messenger has left with the note to the Avatar.” With his voice rising, and with fire in his eyes, the implication was all too clear.

The second person continued to smile, then held up a yellow envelope with a red streak. Perfectly identical to the one the messenger left with.

“It seems that we are not too late after all, Prince Zuko.”


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