The Random Musings of an Attention-Seeking Author: 30-06-12


Just thought I would revive an oldie of mine, where I would chat inanely about my week, and at the same time, write down any random thought of mine that popped into my head. POP!

  • So I was tired and sleep-deprived when coming to work (army) on Friday, and had a slight headache. But you know, I’m a man, and we don’t complain about such minor ailments. We soldier on. Until I decided to play soccer, and some idiot smashed a ball into my face, raising the pain threshold from ‘getting shocked by a taser’ to ‘listening to The Jonas Brothers’. But I didn’t cry. Neither did I whimper. I did has a great time stumbling around pretending to be drunk, though.
  • Just finished the latest book in science fiction writer Simon R. Green’s Secret Histories series, Live and Let Drood.

Cool, huh?

  • It was good, although a common theme in Green’s writings is that his books are often too short. Or maybe that’s just me. It does seem that this will be the last in his Secret Histories series though. Shame.
  • Would bus drivers be terrible attacking players because they’re always…wait for it…parking the bus? Heh…
  • I have a new whiteboard! Actually, it’s an old one which I finally dug out and attached to the window grille, so that now I can use it for notes, reminders, or crudely drawn Batman pictures. Meh.

Well, I would like to share more about my week….but I have a report to do. Or zombies to kill. Something like that. Anything can happen in Singapore.

Have a good week.

  1. heard of something like this for the first time. thanks for sharing it.

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