The Random Musings of an Attention-Seeking Author: 14 July 2012

So I’m sitting all by my lonesome at work, while everyone else has gone home.

I’m lazily twirling around in a chair, spouting nonsensical sound effects and exclamations as I dream of adventurous times…..and cake. I’m counting down the mere hours / minutes / seconds till my release and cannot wait until I can race out that door and into the loving arms of my iMac, wishing, wondering, longing for a moment of clarity to enter my head and grant me an epiphany. The best I came up with is, “Walnuts are not the male reproductive organs of walls.”

  • So, my brother recommended that I switch to a chemical named Accutane to combat my acne. Apparently there are many who use it and it works wonders on their faces in clearing the red pustules. Unfortunately, it also comes with side effects including anaemia, anaphylactic reactions, conjunctivitis, back pain, arthritis, and ironically, acne flares. Might as well just run around in the CDC without protective equipment for better results.

  • Is angel food cake only sold in Los Angeles, the City of Angels? Do red velvet cupcakes taste exactly like red velvet? “Come on in, for that grrrrreat velvety taste!”

  • A man walks into a bar and falls down unconscious. Heh.

  • Recommendation! Do you want a good time? Follow the link!

That, I think, is better than anything I could ever come up with.

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