The Random Musings of an Attention-Seeking Author: 19 July 2012


I’ve been trying to reconnect with my old friends from across the seas (Australia), and I have to say, it is hard. What do you say when the fellow classmate you say hello to tells you that he got married to another one of your classmates? What do you say when a friend of yours from church informs you that a man you knew passed away? What do you say when your mate casually throws in there that a mutual acquaintance has a baby on the way?

Thank goodness that I converse with them through Facebook; that they can’t see the look of shock and surprise on my face. They also wouldn’t be able to tell that I’m a little sad too….sad that the world has passed me by while I have been away defending Singapore from supernatural threats like Frankenstein’s monster. It’s alright, though. I know that the story of my life in Australia will continue once I return there next year.

But do me a favour, my friends in Australia: Stop getting married, well you? You’re making me feel old.

  • If someone’s name was pain, would his murderer be named Panadol? (Hint: Because Panadol’s a pain-killer. Geddit?)

  • You know, I just realised. My sources of knowledge of World War 2 can be broken down into three parts:

    1. Social Studies lessons and a Modern History course by distance – 15%.

    2. Documentaries and books about it – 15%.

    3. Six seasons of Hogan’s Heroes: 70%. Enough said.


  • People don’t really read these words that I write…..which might be a good thing, since Godwin’s Law would be less likely to occur. Of course, if I just mention Hitler right here and now…..

  • There is something I’ll never get about Strawberry Shortcake. You might think it is the fact that not many people that I know eat it despite its reputation for deliciousness. You might think that it’s the fact that there can be tall Strawberry Shortcake. You might even think that it’s my odd capitalisation of the words Strawberry Shortcake despite it not being a proper noun…..

……But it’s actually the fact that I want some but can never get it.


No, not THAT kind of Strawberry Shortcake.

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