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New Twilight Book to be Released!!

That’s right, folks. Stephenie Meyer, author of the bestselling Twilight series, has announced today that she has finished writing her next book, unnamed as of the moment. In a short press release, she stated that:

The books [The other Twilight novels] end happily for most – but what about the fate of the other characters?….Leah Clearwater, the rest of the wolves, Renesmee….. This book gives them an ending as well….

Stephenie Meyer also said that she didn’t want to release this too widely as of yet, due to her concerns of leaks, as that was what had occurred with her unfinished novel, Midnight Sun. If we all recall, a draft of the novel was leaked before completion, causing her to cease working on it altogether. Hence, the short press release without giving away anymore details.

Other than the short excerpt above, Stephenie Meyer was tight-lipped about the date of release, the title, the plot, or any other relevant information. She refused further comment until closer to the release date.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited! Wonder if the Volturi will appear?

For more information, see this page.

[UPDATE]: For a limited time only, you can now pre-order the new book online! The link to the site can be found here. Get it while you can!

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[UPDATE]: Yes, this was just an April Fools Day Prank. No, Stephenie Meyer ISN’T going to release a new novel for the Twilight series anytime soon. Sorry, and hope you had a happy April Fools Day!


My Thoughts on a Blonde Movie

NOTE: This is NOT a review, partly because I have not seen the full movie, and partly because I’m too lazy. This will, however, give my thoughts and impressions on the first part of Legally Blonde.

Legally Blonde certainly is a movie that has taken the world by storm, involving the ditzy Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) who, after getting dumped by her boyfriend for being too…err…ditzy, she joins Harvard Law School to prove him wrong. She goes through many ups, downs, and sideways motions, making new friends and enemies, and also finds the time to get an innocent defendant freed. In the end, she rejects her ex-boyfriend, watches him crash and burn out of law school, and gets engaged to some other guy. (Alright, the ending isn’t EXACTLY like that, but hey, give me some creative licence).

Now, I only got to watch the first half hour or so, until the part where she got her manicurist her dog back through legal jargon. I watched this today, in my Law Lecture, so that we all got to laugh at the legal inconsistencies. No, not really, we were supposed to critically analyse it (a la Grade 12 English), but there were some funny bits inside.

My thoughts?

  1. Elle said at one point, “He’s [the ex-boyfriend] the one. I love him.”. And then in the end, she marries some other guy friend. Come on. I know lawyers aren’t supposed to be people of their word, but it’s too obvious; the whole “I-love-him-oh-no-wait-he’s-a-jerk” thing is kinda predictable now. Like I said, relationships never work. Too much commitment.
  2. The lecturers can be really mean! Elle got kicked out from the lecture room for not preparing her reading for that week, and she gets interrogated for answers in other sessions (They call it the Socratic Method). I wonder what horrible teaching institution still utilises that today? (Hint: It starts with “The”, and ends with “Singapore Schooling System”….
  3. Manicures are good stress relievers. Oh, come on. When Elle got flustered, she dashed to a manicurist, and she was all better. Really? Really? Manicures make the world better? Quick, get to the UN immediately! We’ve got a solution for World Peace! Either she really IS that shallow, or the manicurist must have put a little extra….something….in that nail polish. But then again, who knows with girls these days?
  4. Who puts first year law students as defence counsel in a murder case? Would YOU trust some nervous, inexperienced, first year student as your barrister? Though it would be a hoot to see them, after the trial, walk up to the judge and ask them to grade their closing arguments…..

But, all in all, it was a hilarious movie. As English teachers constantly drill into our impressionable young minds, every piece of media has things to teach us. So kids, here’s some things to remember:

  1. Procrastinate all term, and just be overly cheerful in cramming in the last week. When Elle had her final exam to get into Harvard, she studied really hard and became even more perky, reaching levels that would have shamed the excitable Sesame Street puppets. So, all you have to do is procrastinate, then study and be almost-insanely excitable. You’ll ace it for sure.
  2. Harvard has very lax admission screening procedures. If the previous step fails, then don’t worry. All you have to do is make a video essay of yourself in a swimsuit, talking absolute crap, and the Harvard Board will let you in. That’s what Elle did. Though this will probably work better if you’re a girl than a guy.
  3. And finally, my favourite: No matter how ditzy and air-headed you are, you will still manage to become a great lawyer. Believe in that, all you platinum blondes! -.-

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great movie. It does have some good points about it, which is more than I can say for its sequel, which belongs solely in the trash. And you know which movie is joining it…..

What did YOU think of  “Legally Blonde”? Leave a comment and give us your view!

Blast From the Past: An ANZAC Story

This was a story that I wrote back in school for an ANZAC Day contest. In case you didn’t know, ANZAC Day (April 25th, 1915) was the day that the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) attacked Gallipoli during WW1. It is now celebrated every year among Australian and New Zealand Citizens.

I didn’t win anything in that competition. I feel robbed. 😦

But what do YOU think? Tell me about it!

ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli
April 25
th, 1915 (0415 hours)

It was almost time. The boats had been released at 3.30. Landing would be at 4.30.

As the man checked his rifle again, he noticed that his hands were trembling slightly. He quickly stuffed them into his pockets, hoping nobody noticed his fear.

But then, he reasoned, there was good cause to be.

He was First Lieutenant Stephen Cole, leader of the 9th Battalion in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. A young man, he had a lean physique and sandy blond hair. But as of right now, he was slightly apprehensive at the sight ahead.

Squinting through the early morning fog, Cole could just barely make out the outline of land. Gallipoli. Ground Zero.

Their orders were clear. Land, kill the enemy, and then establish a defensive perimeter until reinforcements arrived. Simple…….except for the thousands of Turks waiting to massacre them. And that very thought chilled him to the marrow.

Cole glanced at the soldiers around him. They were all young men, fresh from Australia and eager for battle. Right now, though, they all had varying degrees of fear on their faces, not knowing what lay ahead.

Cole knew what they were all thinking. Would they ever come out of this alive? All had families, loved ones, friends back in Australia and New Zealand. Would anyone of them ever see them again?

“Five minutes, sir. Five minutes till landing.” came the whispered voice of Captain Joseph Stratford, his best friend and second-in-command. Cole smiled, thinking back to the days where they grew up together, played together, and now, were about to attack Gallipoli together. If anything, he hoped that Stratford would survive this.

Five minutes, Stratford had said. Very well. There was one more thing to do.

Cole reached into his back pocket, pulling out, and gazing at a piece of torn cardboard containing a face that he knew very well. Janet O’Hara. His fiancée. Hardly a moment went by without him thinking of her, of her sweet, soft smile and those beautiful brown eyes. They were going to get married after this mission was over. If he survived, that is.

The ship moved into shallower water. It was almost time. Cole put the picture back in his pocket. This was it.

As the familiar pang of fear hit him, he glanced at his team. All were waiting for him to lead them. And he couldn’t let them down. They were his mates.

Cole drew in a deep breath.

The bugle sounded, a single blast. And Cole made a fateful decision that day.

He leapt out of the boat, followed by Stratford, gun in hand. The rest followed.

Minutes later, gunfire broke the silence of the early morning. The battle for Gallipoli had begun.

Captain Joseph Stratford was the first ANZAC to be killed at Gallipoli. He is now buried at Lone Pine, having been shot to death by machine-gun fire.

First Lieutenant Stephen Cole died from single gunshot wounds to the head and chest. He was found clutching the photograph of his fiancée, Janet O’Hara.

Other than slight injuries, no other casualties were suffered in that first incursion.


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