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A Guy’s Review of Twilight – Preface and Chapter One

Ever seen a sane (emphasis on sane) male human read Twilight? Yeah, that’s what I thought. But I am going to brave the waters, wade forward, and bring you a male perspective on the romance novel taking the world by storm. Chapter by chapter, an honest analysis will be given right here.


Bella has some emo thoughts. Though it’s probably justified, as someone’s going to kill her. She’s quite nonchalant about the killer part as well.

This is the first page of the book, and it does a good job of whetting appetite. What’s going to happen next? Who is going to kill her? And so on. Stephenie Meyer does a good job at making the reader interested…and the nonchalance actually adds to the suspense.

Seriously, though, the beginning does leave a lot to be desired. Another blog has said something that I have to agree with: Killers don’t saunter. That conflicting language of sauntering to kill people brings up images of a badly done Batman musical film starring a whistling Joker. Though this could mean a clown is going to attack Bella. Hmmm…. 7/10

Chapter 1:

Bella arrives in Forks, gets set up at home with her dad, and goes to school. Not only does she have to face the indignities of being a new student, but she also spots the Cullens for the first time. They are smoking hot. -.- In Biology class, Edward acts antagonistic towards Bella, glaring and furious. Later, Bella finds that Edward is trying to change out of Biology, but fails to get his way. Confused, Bella drives home, “fighting tears the whole way there”.

Bella gets a truck? Cool! The most my dad got for me was a car made by Mattel©. But who doesn’t want to ride around in a police cruiser all day?

Seriously, though, her day in school started off pretty mundanely. Overfriendly students, teachers who ignored or embarrassed you, huge, puzzling school…yup, all there. I can totally relate.

But what I can’t relate to is that of Edward being antagonistic. Firstly, there are always HOT kids in school, and they are usually in an exclusive group of their own. Unfriendly strangers are part of the norm. However, someone being furious with you for nothing is annoying, but is it really something to cry over? Yes, it’s weird, yes it’s shocking to find out that someone is changing out of the class that you’re in, most likely because of you…but crying? Annoyed, yes. Anger, yes. But grief and tears? Must be a girl thing. Watch the cute guy in school walk away from you, and step back and see the waterworks.

All that aside, Stephenie Meyer has started off the tale well…and the good thing about it is that it starts off like any other school story – who could tell that it was about vampires? It was not obvious, and just begs the question of how she’s going to get through Edward’s fury. Good writing, and flows well. 8/10


So overall, good job so far. While it is a little unbelievable that she would be so upset over Edward being angry (I know the feeling – the hot guy hates me now! -.- Come on!), Stephenie Meyer’s writing style flows very well and allows readers to feel one with the story, like they’re living in it. Not bad so far.

And my favourite part? She gets a truck. What up?!?!

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Double Cross – An Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Fiction (Chapter 1: Part 1)

Welcome to Chapter 1 of my Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Fiction! If you want to read the previous chapters, you can find them here and here.


Location: Team Avatar’s Campsite
Time: 0800 hours (7 hours later)


The shout woke the two kids, which had until now been sleeping peacefully. Toph and Katara sat up and glanced around, trying to rub the sleepiness out of their eyes, straining their ears for……………


The scream echoed around again, sounding like the cry of the inhuman.

Then Sokka stormed into the campsite, eyes blazing, with anger on his face.

“Alright, where is it? Somebody stole my only bag of salted meats! It was you, wasn’t it Toph?” Sokka ranted in fury.

“Me? Yeah right. Like I would steal the meat from a selfish, insulting jerk that woke me up………… Actually, come to think of it, yeah, I probably would steal it.” Toph replied, a smirk on her face.

“What!? Why, you……” Sokka spluttered.

Leaving them bickering like children, Katara smiled and strolled away to get a drink. Then she frowned. Something was missing.

“Guys!” Katara shouted. “Do you feel like there’s something missing?”

Sokka wheeled around in surprise. “Duh! My salted meats? I’ve been yelling at Toph for the past 5 minutes!”

“For the last time, I DID NOT TAKE THEM!!!!!!” Toph retorted. “It’s only meat anyway.”

“Only meat? I’ve been saving those meats for days! And it’s gone!” Sokka groaned. He knelt on the ground, holding his head in his hands. “Oh, my meat, my beautiful meat…..”

Katara grinned. The she glanced around again, taking stock of her surroundings.

Ok, she thought. What’s missing from Team Avatar? Me, Appa, Sokka, Toph…….. Everything seems to be here except for……

The Avatar.

“Toph! Sokka! Aang’s gone!”


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